Core Values

Ludwig Doll founded the Neukirchener Mission as a mission for the Evangelical Alliance, and he participated in the first major conferences for the Alliance in the Lower Rhine region.
On this subject, he wrote:

“Those who belong to the Evangelical Alliance should know that freedom prevails on secondary matters and that the Holy Spirit is not fettered to a single denomination, but works and moves wherever the pure Gospel of the forgiveness of sins is preached. The true church is there where two or three are gathered in the name of Jesus.”

9 Core theses

What does it mean to be sent out by the Neukirchener Mission?

What forms the basis for our work?

Our basis:

We help to build God’s kingdom around the world. We know that we have been called to this work by God and we are moved to do so by the Holy Spirit. We do this work by testifying to Jesus Christ in word and in deed, and by the way we live. We engage in a wide range of service in various countries. Our aim is to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the people we serve. This is what we aim to convey in “Believing & Helping”.

Where people are open to serving God abroad, we help them to recognise their calling. We also support those who already feel sure of their calling to a particular field of service. In both cases, we seek to help people live out their calling. In doing so, we are prepared to strike out in new directions, pursue innovative ideas and take risks.

We are guided by the Bible, which is the Word of God. God’s Word is the non-negotiable benchmark for the way we live and the action we take.
We work on the basis of the Evangelical Alliance: “In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty.”

We pray for God’s guidance and trust in His leadership. On this basis, we actively seek friends, co-workers, fields of service, funding and partner organisations. In all our service, we want to remain dependent on God.

Our Co-Workers:

We support our co-workers who are called to service. We offer them advice and support on possible fields of service and help them to gain adequate qualifications for the path ahead.

In practice, this means:
a.) We decide jointly on a strategy for their service, and we plan ahead.
b.) Based on this strategy, we set goals and evaluate these on a regular basis.
c.) We expect and help our co-workers to engage in further training and to expand their horizons, because we consider these aspects to be important.
d) We do everything in our power to ensure our co-workers stay healthy in body, mind and spirit. To this end, our workers come home on furlough. This should be used partly for relaxation, partly for travelling to visit supporters and churches, partly for further training and partly for meditation (retreats, member care services etc.).

a) We think it is important that our co-workers are sent out by a church or by a circle of friends and supporters who provide encouragement and support to the co-worker in close collaboration with the NM.
In Germany, the network is as follows: “Missionary – NM – church/circle of friends and supporters”
b) Wherever possible in our fields of service, we work together with partner organisations. In the country of service, the network is as follows: “Missionary/mission team – NM – partner organisation”
c) In their country of service, our co-workers join a local team. These teams will consist of local workers and, wherever possible, other NM workers.

We think it is important that all our co-workers feel that they are a part of the NM, that they affirm our mutual goals and values, and that they have opportunities to meet our workers in other regions. To enable the above, each co-worker spends time in the NM headquarters before they begin their service and whenever they return home on furlough. We also organise special conferences for all NM workers. The directors of the NM regularly visit missionaries in their country of service.

Project Work:

We consistently seek to ensure that our welfare work and our spiritual service have a lasting impact. This is why, right from the start, we seek to develop new projects in close collaboration with local partners in the respective country of service. We see ourselves as guests in our countries of service. This means that we always aim ultimately to hand over responsibility to partner organisations.

Our aim is to meet the needs of the people we serve. We expect our co-workers to align their work to the actual needs of the people in their host country, and to plan their work together with the people who are responsible on a local level.

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