Special account Corona Help

We are thankful that Corona did not have such a massive impact in Tanzania as in other areas where we are supporting the Neukirchen mission. It was good that the two hospitals in Matyazo and Shunga were able to prepare for the Corona pandemic with the special donations received so far. Now we are expanding our attention to other areas. In future, your Corona donation will benefit people in all regions and areas of work of the Neukirchen mission.

The Corona donation will be used both in the social-diaconal work of our partner churches and to support church staff and pastors. We will also have the medical Corona-Hilfe in mind

Thank you for supporting the Neukirchen mission in this. Please understand that we will allocate and use the donations received according to the crisis situation in the individual areas.

Unique help for church employees and their families

A lockdown results in lower incomes worldwide – including, for example, pastors and Bible school teachers. In our partner churches, they usually already have a lower income than other professional groups – now Corona also affects their salaries. Here, in connection with our partner churches, the salary is to be “topped up” shortly before Christmas with a special payment.

Support for social-diaconal work

Events in the partner countries are restricted by lockdown or partial lockdown. Loneliness, isolation and poverty are often the consequences. Corona Hilfe aims to provide support where no social network is effective.

Sonderkonto Corona Hilfe

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